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Quilted by Hand; Sewn with Love

Ladies in ChurchThe fifteen quilters of Trinity Lutheran Church do more than just give gifts to the families they adopt from Adopt A Family each year.  They give a lot of themselves, too.  These wonderful women work about 6 months of the year cutting fabric, sewing squares and tying quilts for every child they adopt as well as one for the parents too.  For the past several years the congregation has adopted 10 families and 30 children, which adds up to a lot of quilts.  Among the many women sewing the quilts is Marilyn Newsham, one of our longtime volunteers at Adopt A Family. 

QuiltsThis year 131 quilts were made, some for Adopt A Family and others to give to the elderly. These talented and giving people also made teddy bears for children and bags for Hope House.   Many in the group are snowbirds so the ranks of quilters expand and contract, yet their work has been a constant activity over 13 years. 

On Thanksgiving weekend, their beautiful handiwork including their quilts, teddy bears and other gifts they have made, were displayed at the Church where they were blessed by Pastor Bobbie Blackburn.  All of these gifts will be a blessing themselves for the many families who will receive them on Christmas day.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Do you eat at Wendy’s? Well, if you do, print this voucher and next time you go to Wendy’s, give them the voucher along with your payment for the food. They take the voucher, write in the amount you spent at Wendy’s and send AAF a check for 15% of your purchase. What a great deal—you get a meal and support us at the same time. So, maybe it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and eat at Wendy’s! (You can print and use the vouchers now through December 31, 2013.) Voucher


Wishing and Hoping

Do you have a wish list? Things you’d like for a Birthday coming up or something for a special Anniversary. Adopt A Family has a wish list, too. Only technically, it’s not our wish list but rather a list of wants and needs so we can make the dreams of children come true. We’re hoping you will pick up a few of the items listed below because it would really help. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange to get them from you or you can bring them to us when we are open in November. Contact us at (941) 748-4424 or email us at if you have any questions.

Can You Help Us?

Psssstt... We're getting ready for the hundreds of families and thousands of children who will be asking for our help - we expect that this year more people than ever will be applying.  In order to be sure every child who comes has Christmas presents we need to involve as many  people from the community as possible.  We need donations and people to adopt our families.  Can  you help us get the word out about our families?

Would you be willing to contact your church, social organization, professional society or local association to create an awareness of Adopt A Family and provide these groups with ways they might help us? 

These are some things you or your group could do:

Put a notice in the bulletin or on the information board
Enclose our flyer along with your organization’s mailings
Invite one of our Board Members to speak
Put out a toy collection box
Allow us to put up a poster about our work
Sponsor a fundraiser for us

If you’re interested, call us directly at (941) 748-4424 or email us at  Thanks for thinking of us!