Adopt A Family Manatee County

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We're here to provide Christmas presents to families in Manatee County who are in financial need.

Information Sheet

Spanish Information Sheet

If you meet our qualifications, and if you have not applied for help at Christmas from any other agency, we encourage you to apply to Adopt A Family.  You must come in person to apply during the period in November when we are open to the public.  You will need to bring all of the following information with you when you apply: 

Photo ID

Social Security card(s) for the person who is applying and spouse or proof of legal residency in the United States, such as a work permit or green card

Proof of residency in Manatee County (utility bill, phone bill, etc.)

Birth certificate for each child listing parents’ names or other proof of custody

Proof of income such as pay stubs or self-employment tax returns (Note: if you are living with your spouse, parent or friend, you must have their proof of income/support when you apply.) Our income levels are tied to the current poverty levels established by the US Government.

You must bring proof of all subsidy or financial aid information including:

     Food stamps
     Social Security and SSI
     Child support
     Any other subsidies


"Wish List" Information

We’ll ask you for the grade level, interests and ideas of what your child wants for Christmas. We also ask you to provide us with a working phone number in case, as often happens, we have a question about a specific gift for your child.

We are typically open the first three weeks of November. Generally, we know where our warehouse will be located in mid-October. Check back with us at that time for a posting of our address and dates of operation.