Our Board

The Board of Directors is composed of working volunteers who have been actively involved with Adopt a Family for many years.

Our Board members (most of whom are pictured here) come from the local community and work year-round in preparation for the Holiday season when Adopt A Family is in full swing.  Since we have no permanent space there is plenty of planning, preparation and purchasing that takes place prior to moving into our yearly site location.  Once we move into our warehouse our board members are there all day, everyday, working hard doing everything it takes to bring Christmas to our families.

Kim Duty, President
Patti Sue Peotter-Bettes, Vice President
Linda Miller, Secretary
Jim Gay, Treasurer
Judy Drinan
Elaine Henneberry
Diane Juncker
Carol Williams

Mary Jane Shiplett
Barbara Hoffman
Dick Sawdye
Kay Sawdye